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          Remodel + Renovate

          Transform your home with inspiration from these projects and makeovers.

          how to choose the right paint
          A Foolproof Guide to Choosing The Right Paint

          You finally picked the perfect color, but that was just the first step.

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          The Do's and Don'ts of Decorating with Mirrors

          You're one step closer to an Instagram-worthy space.

          spray vs. roll painting
          Spray Painting Vs. Roll Painting Your Walls: A Foolproof Guide

          You don’t have to be a pro to pick up these simple tricks.

          removing old wallpaper I
          The Best Way to Remove Wallpaper

          It's easier than you think.

          basement bar ideas
          Remodel + Renovate
          Sep 26, 2019
          15+ Creative Basement Bar Ideas For Every Space and Style

          A dapper downstairs area awaits you.

          deck railing ideas
          Expert Renovation Tips
          Jun 12, 2019
          35 Creative Deck Railing Ideas That Serve Up Major Outdoor Inspo

          The detail that separates good design from great design.

          Home Makeovers
          Mar 19, 2019
          How to Bring Old Hollywood Into Your Home

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          kitchen with wood floors
          Expert Renovation Tips
          Mar 11, 2019
          Everything You Need to Know About Wood Flooring

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          Expert Renovation Tips
          Feb 25, 2019
          How to Make Your Office a "Home Away From Home"

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          Backyard Beach Oasis
          Remodel + Renovate
          Aug 4, 2018
          This Company Can Turn Your Backyard Into A Beach Oasis

          Why have a pool when you can have your own private beach?!

          White Kitchen Cabinets
          Home Makeovers
          Jul 31, 2018
          14 Times White Kitchen Cabinets Transformed A Space


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          Remodel + Renovate
          Apr 17, 2018
          16 Accents and Finishes for a Timeless Kitchen

          For a foolproof kitchen renovation, start here.

          hardwood floors
          Expert Renovation Tips
          Feb 5, 2018
          5 Types of Hardwood Floors That Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck

          You'll love these for years to come.

          bath shower property value
          Expert Renovation Tips
          Jan 2, 2018
          Shower Or Tub? The Way You Bathe Could Affect Your Property Value

          Splish splash, you may want to skip the bath.

          Home Makeovers
          Sep 26, 2017
          This Retro Kitchen Transformation Will Make Your Jaw Drop

          It's quite the upgrade.

          fashion designer homes
          Expert Renovation Tips
          Sep 12, 2017
          24 Brilliant Ideas To Steal From Fashion Designers' Homes

          outdoor fireplace
          Expert Renovation Tips
          Sep 11, 2017
          Everything You Need To Know About Buying An Outdoor Fireplace

          Fireplaces, fire pits, fire tables... what does it all *mean*?

          Home Makeovers
          Aug 23, 2017
          The White House Renovations Are Complete

          Take a peek at the big reveal.

          white house renovations
          Home Makeovers
          Aug 3, 2017
          The White House Is About To Undergo A Renovation

          Here's what we know about the plans.

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