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          cloth and kind detroit showhouse

          如果你曾经思考的方式 变换一个空白的墙 in your interior, you've likely thought of everything from choosing a bold paint color to 安装图形壁纸. You might have even considered showcasing artwork, adding visual interest with a cabinet, or 醒目的挂镜. But there's another designer-approved option to add character and personality to your space: textured walls.

          Cloth & Kind. "It literally changes the way the mind reads and experiences the room."

          The hallway of a Greek island home, designed by Andrew Sheinman, benefits from white textured walls.

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          But beyond sand paint, there are other textured wall techniques that Ramsay believes can elevate a design scheme. "Textured wall treatments abound, but you can't go wrong with a well-done lime wash, or a trowel plaster treatment," she says.


          Homax homedepot.com
          $ 4.97

          neutral master bedroom with upholstered walls
          Upholstered walls add elegance to a master bedroom sitting area designed by Ariel Okin.

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          One of Ramsay's favorite textured wallpaper brands? "There are some incredible textured wallpapers being produced by 菲利普·杰弗里斯

          Whether you choose a statement fabric for your walls, sand paint, lime washing, or a plaster treatment, your home should be a reflection of your aesthetic—a tasteful space that's a joy to live in.

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