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          Inside Chrissy Teigen and 约翰传奇’s Modern Beverly Hills Mansion

          The Hollywood power-couple knows great design.

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          Chrissy Teigen knows how to keep things candid. As a model, cook, TV personality, and wife to 约翰传奇, Teigen has made a name for herself through both the public and private spheres of her life. Whether she’s taking us behind the scenes of her cookbook, playing dress-up with her pooches, or reminding fans of motherhood's not-so-glamorous qualities, we can count on Teigen to keep it 100 with a refreshing, gut-busting realness.

          And through all the incredible content she shares, we can’t help but admire the breathtaking home that exists in the backdrop of it all. Teigen and Legend’s Beverly Hills mansion, which they purchased from Rihanna in 2016, is a cozy, modern oasis, and a landing pad for their growing family. From the open-concept living spaces to their sprawling outdoor space, check out some of our favorite spots that Chrissy Teigen and 约翰传奇 have welcomed us into.

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          1 入口
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          TOONS 📷: @bumper3077

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          Legend's piano is perfectly placed for a welcome serenade.

          2 厨房

          It's only right that Teigen's home includes a sprawling chef's kitchen, where many of the meals from her beloved cookbook are created.

          3 家庭房
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          all my friends are dead

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          And on Halloween, other guests are welcome too.

          4 客厅

          Dark wood floors create a moody, modern feel that carries into the lowered living space.

          6 后院
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          后院 Christmas vibes

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          From the gorgeous swimming pool to the well-manicured lawn, the backyard is nothing short of an oasis—especially during the holidays.

          7 非正式的用餐
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          Photos shoots #cravingcookbook2

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          A small dining table for more casual family dinners.

          8 游戏室
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          9 months of this perfect 🐻💕

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          A playroom so chic, we'd hang out here all day.

          9 台球区

          We only wish we'd look this elegant sinking an eight ball.

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